Top 10 Most Watched Web Series in the World – Worth Watching

Last 5 years Web series concept is very famous in the world. Web series are very long, its a episodic concept . web series are available on many ott platforms like Netflix , prime video, voot, sonyliv, disney+hotstar , and so on. So we have create a list of Top 10 most watched web series in the world , This Article help for which have to right choice and best web series to watch that will make your day.

Top 10 Most Watched Web Series List –

1. Game of Thrones

Release dateFirst Episode date – 17 April 2011
Last Episode date – 19 May 2019
No. of Seasons8
No. of Episodes73
Original LanguageEnglish
OTT PlatformDisney+Hotstar
IMDb Ratings9.2/10

2. Stranger Things

Release dateFirst Episode date – 15 July 2016
Last Episode date – 1 july 2022
No. of Seasons4
No. of Episodes34
Original LanguageEnglish
OTT PlatformNetflix
IMDb Ratings8.7/10

3. The Walking Dead

Release dateFirst Episode date – 31 October 2010
Last Episode date – 20 November 2022
No. of Seasons11
No. of Episodes177
Original LanguageEnglish
OTT PlatformNetflix
IMDb Ratings8.1/10

4. Money Heist

Release dateFirst Episode date – 2 May 2017
Last Episode date – 3 Dec 2021
No. of Seasons3 (5 Parts)
No. of Episodes41
Original LanguageSpanish
OTT PlatformNetflix
IMDb Ratings8.2/10

5. Mirzapur

Release dateFirst Episode date – 16 November 2018
Last Episode date – 23 October 2020
No. of Seasons2
No. of Episodes19
Original LanguageHindi
OTT PlatformPrime Video
IMDb Ratings8.5/10

6. Squid Game

Release dateRelease date – 17 Sep 2021
No. of Seasons1
No. of Episodes9
Original LanguageKorean
OTT PlatformNetflix
IMDb Ratings8/10

7. Vikings

Release dateFirst Episode date – 3 March 2013
Last Episode date – 30 December 2020
No. of Seasons6
No. of Episodes89
Original LanguageEnglish
OTT PlatformNetflix
IMDb Ratings8.5/10

8. Breaking Bad

Release dateFirst Episode date – 20 jan 2008
Last Episode date – 29 Sep 2013
No. of Seasons5
No. of Episodes62
Original LanguageEnglish
OTT PlatformNetflix
IMDb Ratings9.5/10

9. Lucifer

Release dateFirst Episode date – 25 jan 2016
Last Episode date – 10 Sep 2021
No. of Seasons6
No. of Episodes93
Original LanguageEnglish
OTT PlatformNetflix
IMDb Ratings8.1/10

10. Prison Break

Release dateFirst Episode date – 29 Aug 2005
Last Episode date – 30 May 2017
No. of Seasons5
No. of Episodes90
Original LanguageEnglish , Spanish , Arabic
OTT PlatformDisney+Hotstar
IMDb Ratings8.3/10

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